Worst Tornadoes In Wyoming: Historical Impact and Data Analysis

June 7, 2024


Tornadoes in Wyoming: A Historical Overview (1950-2012)

Tornadoes are a significant weather phenomenon in Wyoming, with data from 1950 to 2012 providing a comprehensive overview of their occurrences and impact. This article delves into the details of tornado activity across the state, highlighting notable events, data accessibility, and insights.

Understanding Tornado Activity in Wyoming

The period from 1950 to 2012 saw numerous tornadoes in Wyoming, documented meticulously through various data sources. Detailed records are available for each county, including critical information like tornado ID numbers, dates, time of occurrences, associated fatalities, injuries, F-Scale or EF-Scale ratings, map coordinates, and integration with Google Maps for precise tornado path visualization.

County-Specific Tornado Data

Albany County

Notable tornado events in Albany County include:

  • July 16, 1953: Tornado ID 342, F-scale 1, no deaths or injuries.
  • July 21, 1978: Tornado ID 620, F-scale 0, no deaths or injuries.
  • May 22, 2008: Tornado ID 1690, F-scale 2, 1 injury reported.

Big Horn County

Significant tornado events include:

  • June 3, 1958: Tornado ID 196, F-scale 2, no deaths or injuries.
  • June 26, 1959: Tornado ID 397, F-scale 2, 1 death, 1 injury.
  • June 6, 1997: Series of minor tornadoes with F-scale ratings of 1.

Campbell County

Key tornado occurrences include:

  • July 21, 1973: Two tornadoes at 18:00, both F-scale 1, no deaths or injuries.
  • May 6, 1988: Tornado ID 118, F-scale 2, 2 injuries.
  • August 12, 2005: Tornado ID 330, F-scale 2, 2 deaths, 13 injuries.

Interactive Data and Mapping

To facilitate detailed exploration, an interactive map allows users to hover over different counties to view names, FIPS numbers, and specific tornado data. Users can also access Google Maps to follow the precise paths of recorded tornadoes by inputting the provided coordinates.

Patterns and Observations

The tornado activity in Wyoming has shown variability in both frequency and intensity. While the majority of tornadoes have lower F-scale ratings, indicating less severe events, occasional more intense tornadoes significantly impact local communities. The data reveals a wide geographical spread of tornado occurrences across all counties and a noticeable pattern of higher frequency during summer months.

Analysis and Insights

Analyzing the historical data gives a clearer context of tornado activity in Wyoming. The human impact, such as casualties, injuries, and economic loss, is crucial to understanding the broader effects of these natural events. This analysis provides a foundation for informed mitigation strategies and response improvements.


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