Why is My Unopened Soda Flat? And How to Prevent It

February 14, 2024

We all love our soda for its refreshing fizz, but what if your drink goes flat before you have time to enjoy it? This article takes a look at why your unopened soda can go flat and how to prevent it.

Usually, soda will stay fizzy for around six months before it begins to lose its bubbles due to carbon dioxide gas escaping through tiny gaps in the bottle. This can be accelerated by poor or damaged seals, shaking the beverage and even temperature fluctuations. If you leave your soda open at room temperature for too long, it will also go flat faster than if stored in the fridge.

If you have a glass bottle of soda, its fizz will last longer than if you bought it in a plastic can or bottle. This is because a soda in a glass bottle has more surface area and will retain its bubbles better than one in a plastic container, which will absorb the carbon dioxide and let it escape.

If you want your soda to stay fizzy for longer, keep it in a cool pantry or cupboard and store it out of direct sunlight. Then, when you are ready to pour a glass of soda, shake the bottle and unscrew the top only slightly (a bit like removing the lid of a can). This allows the carbon dioxide to escape without foaming over the top of the drink and makes it easier to pour.


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