Why Is It Still Cold in April?

February 15, 2024

DENVER — The spring equinox is this weekend, but it’s feeling more like winter than the beginning of a new season. Temperatures across the nation have been colder than normal and are largely expected to remain that way this week, according to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

The National Weather Service has not canceled any snow-related events this weekend, but says it could take a few more days before the cold front moves through and the area sees some warmth.

While the weather in Alaska and much of the Midwest has remained chilly, the rest of the country is experiencing a more spring-like pattern. The cool weather is due to a disruption in the jet stream pattern after the Polar Vortex collapsed last month, according to Global News’ Chief Meteorologist Anthony Farnell.

The weakened circulation and disrupted jet stream are funneling Arctic air into the lower 48 states. That explains why temperatures have been 2-4 degrees below average this month in places such as Albany, which saw its fifth coldest March in 111 years of record keeping.

The cool conditions are extending into Canada, where the polar vortex continues to send chilly air north. Farnell says there’s a chance that areas such as Ottawa and Toronto could experience wintry weather this week. In the United States, a ridge is building over parts of the west, but low-pressure systems continue to move eastward into the eastern half of the country, he said.


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