Why is it Called the Masters?

October 4, 2023

When it comes to sports events, there are few more iconic than the Masters. It's the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, and it features an impossibly beautiful course that gives athletes an incredible feeling of accomplishment after winning. However, if you've never attended the Masters, you might be wondering why it's called the masters. It seems like a silly question, but there are actually some really good reasons why it's so special.

One of the biggest reasons why it's so special is that it's a major championship where amateurs are allowed to play. It was established by Bobby Jones, who wanted to create a tournament that celebrated amateur golf. To do this, he partnered with Clifford Roberts and purchased some land in Augusta to build a golf course. He consulted with architect Alister McKenzie to design the course, which was a massive undertaking for the time.

The Masters is also a place where tradition reigns supreme. For example, winners are presented with a green jacket by the winner of the previous year's tournament. This tradition began in 1949, and it has since become one of the most recognizable traditions in sports. In addition to the green jacket, Masters champions receive a lifetime exemption to the tournament, an invitation to the next three major championships, and five years of PGA Tour membership.

As a result of its many unique traditions, it's no wonder that the Masters is considered "a tradition unlike any other." The next time you watch the event, pay attention to the announcers and their specific word choices. For example, it's a Masters tradition to refer to the front and back nine as the first and second nine.


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