Why Doesn't It Snow in Florida?

February 13, 2023

Why Doesn't It Snow in Florida?

The Sunshine State doesn't typically see snow during the winter, though frost is more common in December and February. The main reason that Florida doesn't usually get snow is because its subtropical climate keeps it warmer than most northern states.

It can sometimes snow in Florida during a cold snap, but this is rare. To form snow, low temperatures and moisture in the atmosphere must come together.

Generally, snow needs to be below freezing for it to happen. The last time it snowed in Florida was in 1989 when the temperature only dipped to 47 degrees.

Where does it snow in Florida?

It snows in parts of the southern and central regions of the state, with the exception of Jacksonville. It can even snow in some of the northern panhandle, though this is not something that happens often.

Does it snow in Florida during storms?

It can snow during thunderstorms, but it's not as common. The only times it does occur are during the winter when strong cold fronts plunge farther south than normal or when mountains cool down to the point where they can snow.

Does it snow in Florida during the holidays?

It is common to see light flurries during the holidays, but it's not very heavy. The closest places to get real snow are Georgia and North Carolina, but these areas can be a long drive from Florida.

It is also a problem in lawns, but not all invasives are bad, according to Forest Hecker, community outreach specialist at Sarasota County UF/IFAS Extension and Sustainability. Hecker says Florida snow, or Richardia grandiflora, is a beautiful flower that attracts pollinators and blooms at a time when most other flowers have finished blooming. It is a drought-resistant plant that requires little to no maintenance, and it's pesticide-free.


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