Why Does My Soda Taste Flat?

February 14, 2024

Sodas get their fizzy texture and taste from carbon dioxide gas that’s dissolved in water under pressure. But that carbonation can sometimes escape from soda bottles and cans, making them flat. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including the drink being left open for too long or being stored at warm temperatures.

Keeping Soda at Cool Temperatures

Soda is best when kept cold. That’s because the carbon dioxide in the beverage is less soluble in warm liquids. It’s also more likely to break apart, which causes the soda to go flat faster. In addition, warm beverages don’t usually taste as good. For example, if you pour a warm soda over ice, it will quickly become flat and watered down.

Shaking Cans and Bottles

While shaking a soda can cause it to go flat faster, it’s actually a great way to revive it. Adding ice or shaking the soda helps mix the air in the can or bottle with the soda, which creates bubbles that help carbon dioxide and water molecules escape from the soda more easily.

If you want to avoid your soda going flat, it’s a good idea to drink it as soon as possible after opening. It’s also important to keep it away from warm temperatures, which can make the carbon dioxide escape more rapidly. And if you do end up with a soda that goes flat, try mixing it with baking soda. This simple trick will help restore the fizz to your soda without affecting its flavor or taste.


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