Why Does Getting Wet in Rain Cause Fever?

June 1, 2023

Many of us have grown up hearing our parents or grandparents telling us not to go outside in the rain or else we will catch a cold or fever. Well, we are here to debunk this myth and explain to you why getting wet in rain does not make you sick.

What happens is that when you get drenched in rain, your body temperature drops to its lowest point (sometimes even enough for hypothermia to set in). This depletes the body’s natural defence against airborne bacteria and viruses, making them more easily able to enter the body.

These microorganisms entering the body cause fever, cough and cold in people with weak immunity or immune-compromised. They enter the body through your mouth and nose as you inhale rainwater which carries germs into the air. They are then picked up by other people and can easily affect them.

Hence, it is important to stay warm during the monsoon season by covering yourself with proper clothing like a raincoat and umbrella. Consuming hot drinks like soup and having a lot of water also help as they provide warmth from the inside. They also clear the phlegm in the nasal cavities and throat, helping you breathe easily.

It is also a good idea to carry hand sanitizer with you when you go out in the rain. This will ensure that you are always clean and can minimize the transfer of germs from other people to your hands and then to your body, reducing the chance of infection.


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