Why Does Chipotle Make You Poop?

February 15, 2024

The spiciness of chipotle can cause stomach pain, especially when consumed on an empty stomach or in excess. It can also be difficult to digest, but it can be mitigated by consuming it with other foods or starting small and gradually increasing intake. It is a good idea to listen to your body and avoid it when it doesn't feel right.

Chipotle is a fast-casual chain that's taking over the world (or at least the United States). As the chain expands into other countries, it makes some adjustments to the menu to suit local tastes. For example, in the UK, cilantro is known as coriander, so Chipotle switched the name of its popular cilantro-lime rice to coriander-lime to cater to the British market.

While Chipotle isn't exactly a health food, they are known for providing high-quality ingredients and being mindful of the environment. They have also made a commitment to only use sustainable meat sources. This means that they are only using meat from animals who were raised humanely and were fed organic, free-range grains.

Chipotle isn't immune to food safety problems, though. In fact, the restaurant has been linked to several outbreaks of E coli, including one that sickened 500 people in Ohio in 2018. A norovirus outbreak at a California location also caused a number of illnesses, and most recently, five Boston College students contracted the rare Clostridium perfringens strain that can cause food poisoning when not cooked properly (via Time). Despite these incidents, Chipotle says they are sticking with their current protocols.


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