Why Do Women Like Their Toes Sucked?

February 15, 2024

Whether or not you like to lick or suck your partner’s feet is entirely up to you, and whatever turns you on should be respected by your significant other. However, if your partner doesn’t feel the same way and tells you that they don’t want their toes sucked, it’s important not to be sarcastic or put them in an uncomfortable position.

For many people, toe sucking is a kink that they enjoy as part of their sexuality, and it’s an activity that can be done either in the bedroom or as foreplay to a sex act. For some, it’s also a way to explore their own feelings of pleasure and intimacy with their partner.

While toe licking and sucking can be a sexy experience, it’s not for everyone. For some, especially those who are ticklish or have issues with cleanliness, it’s an uncomfortable sensation. However, if you do find that your partner’s feet turn you on, it’s important to use proper technique to maximize enjoyment and pleasure. Start by gently putting their big toe in your mouth and then slowly licking and sucking the other toes, moving slowly from one toe to the next.

As you learn how to lick and suckle their feet, it may help to create a mood by taking a shower together before beginning and having them put on some nice music to increase the atmosphere of intimacy. It’s also a good idea to keep body wipes near the bed in case you get grossed out or need to clean up quickly.


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