Why Do Turtles Make Noise When Mating?

February 14, 2024

Turtles are quiet creatures that rely on visual cues to communicate. However, they make sounds, including moans, that signal their readiness to mate or other emotional states. They also use their body to send messages using scent marks.

Researchers have recorded sounds from 50 different turtle species and found that they have a broad range of vocalizations. They produce sounds that resemble croaks and chirps, purr like cats, and hiss in ways that evoke Darth Vader. In some cases, the sounds are so low that humans cannot hear them.

The low sounds are emitted when a male turtle is courting a female. They use a series of grunts and other vocalizations to demonstrate their size, strength, and overall fitness. They may also hiss to warn predators. Hissing during mating is a common behavior that helps a male establish dominance and ensure that the female agrees to mate with him.

Hissing is also a normal reaction to stress and discomfort. Some turtles will hiss when they are approached by people, and this is a warning that they will bite if they are not left alone. They also hiss when they are frightened or sick.

It is important to remember that turtles are not pets and should be left in the wild. They do not enjoy being handled, and some can be aggressive. It is best to approach them slowly and with treats in a small space so that they can get used to you before you move around them more.


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