Why Do Rats Love Cheese?

February 15, 2024

Rats are known to be opportunistic eaters, eating anything that is available to them. This is why they are often used as bait for traps. In many cartoons and in popular culture, rats are depicted to love cheese, but this is a myth. While rats will eat cheese, it is not their favorite food by any means.

The myth that rats love cheese stems from the medieval era. During this time, food was often stored in basements or caverns for safe storage. Meat and grains were difficult to access, but cheese was much easier for rodents to reach. This is likely how the myth started, but it has since been disproven.

In addition, rats are unable to digest lactose found in cheese. This can make them very sick if they eat too much of it. Therefore, it is best to avoid any type of cheese that has a high lactose content.

Although cheese does contain a lot of fat, it is still a good source of protein and other nutrients that are beneficial for rats. When it comes to feeding your rats, the best option is to stick to hard cheeses like cheddar and Swiss. Softer cheeses, such as mozzarella and brie should be avoided, because these are too chewy for rats to break down easily. This can lead to them choking, which can be fatal because rats do not have the ability to trigger their natural gag reflex.


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