Why Do Monkeys Bite Their Babies?

June 1, 2023

Monkeys are very intelligent creatures and they love to eat different things. They can eat leaves, berries, fruits, flowers, insects, and even some meat like birds and lizards. They also love to consume fermented fruits which contain alcohol. This is because these fruits are more nutritious and they give them a boost of energy. However, feeding monkeys human food is a bad idea as it can make them rely on humans. This will then make them stop hunting for their own food which can harm the ecosystem. Monkeys are seed dispersers and they help rainforests regenerate.

The rate at which monkeys grow is determined by natural selection. Some babies are more successful than others in a population due to the way their mothers care for them. Infants who are at risk of being killed by other females are likely to develop faster than their siblings. This is because the mother puts all of her energy into the successful infants so that they can become independent.

Aye-aye monkeys are found in the Amazon rainforest and they feed on plants and insects. They use their hands, which have different lengths and thicknesses, to capture evasive insects using a complex toolbox of maneuvers. They are omnivorous but 65% of their diet is composed of fruits.

Wild monkeys live together in groups called a troop. These troops can be led by one male or multiple males. One-male groups are most common, but some females prefer to live in all-male groups until they are ready to have a baby. Unlike what many people think, monkeys don’t always eat bananas in the wild. Bananas are technically not a fruit but a berry that comes from Musa tetraptera trees. Instead, most monkeys eat leaves, berries, and flowers.


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