Why Do I Feel Like I'm Floating When I Meditate?

June 8, 2024

When you feel like you are floating, it usually occurs because your body is completely relaxed and a feeling of lightness is associated with this. This is quite normal and is a good sign that your meditation practice is progressing well. This sensation usually passes quickly and is not something to be concerned about.

Feeling warm or slightly sweaty while meditating is also a common feeling that you may experience. This is caused by the energy of your mind, spirit and body coming together in a unified front during meditation. It is a completely natural process and is a great indication that you are achieving balance in your life.

If you are feeling like you are floating during your meditation session, try to focus on the feelings of the surface beneath you. You can do this by focusing on your senses and noticing how the carpet or mat feels under you, where your feet make contact with the ground or how the soft blanket feels against your skin. Once you have focused on the contact points of your body, then bring your attention back to the feeling of your breath rising and falling.

Remember that it takes time to master meditating and it is important not to get discouraged by your thoughts or feelings during the session. It is also best to meditate for a set amount of time and use a gentle alarm to alert you when your session is ending.


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