Why Do Hibiscus Flowers Close Up?

February 14, 2024

Hibiscus flowers open during the day to attract pollinators and close up at night to protect themselves from nocturnal predators. This behavior is known as nyctinasty and helps plants adapt to their environment. It also reduces water loss, as the flowers fold inward and lessen the surface area that transpires. This is an adaptive process that helps hibiscus flowers survive challenging conditions.

Some gardeners are concerned that hibiscus flowers do not close up properly and wonder why they do this. The reason is that hibiscus flowers are either diurnal or nocturnal and can be both at the same time. Diurnal hibiscus flowers open in the morning and close in the evening with the setting of the sun. They are best suited for gardens with sunny spots as they need regular exposure to sunlight to remain healthy and vibrant.

Nocturnal hibiscus flowers will close at night to conserve energy and protect the pollen. They will also close if they are subjected to heat stress. It is important for gardeners to understand the difference between diurnal and nocturnal hibiscus flowers so that they can cultivate them correctly in their garden.

In addition to nyctinasty, other factors that may cause hibiscus flowers not to open include: cool weather, overwatering or underwatering, too much nitrogen, pests, disease, and improper potting soil. The flowers may also fail to open if the hibiscus plant is moved from its outdoor location to indoors. This is because the potting soil is often different from what the plant was used to and can affect the opening of the flower buds.


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