Why Do Guys Beards Turn Red?

February 14, 2024

You've probably noticed that some men have a few red hairs in their beard or mustache. This is especially common in Irish men. While this may seem strange it's actually quite normal. A gene called MC1R on chromosome 16 plays a big part in determining your hair color. It converts pheomelanin into eumelanin which determines your hair's shade. This gene can skip generations. So, if your dad or grandfather had red hair there's a chance you might too.

For some reason a lot of people think that men with red beards are sexy. There are even videos on TikTok that claim this is due to intimate activities with a female redhead partner. This is absolutely false. There are other reasons for it.

If you have a few red hairs in your beard or mustache it makes you unique. You're less than two percent of the population with this trait. That's a pretty cool thing to have. So, if you're a copperhead don't be ashamed of it. It's a really cool thing to have and you should be proud of it.

Women like well groomed men. That is why they find men with beards more attractive than clean shaven ones. Beards are also a sign that a man takes good care of himself and is interested in something other than his daily bread and butter job. Having a beard can also make you look more confident and approachable. That is why many men choose to grow a beard in order to attract women.


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