Why Do Chimpanzees Attack the Face and Hands of Their Opponents?

February 14, 2024

Chimpanzees use aggression, including facial and hand targeting, to communicate threats, protect their territory, impose dominance, or resolve conflicts within their social groups. Aggression can also be triggered by fear, hunger, or frustration, and is often a natural response to intense emotions.

Chimpanzees have well-developed musculature, sharp teeth, dexterous hands, and an exceptionally strong bite force. These physical attributes allow them to inflict severe injuries, especially when attacking the face or hands of their opponents. Attacks of this type are most common during territorial defense, mating competition, or when attempting to resolve disputes in the group hierarchy.

Because chimpanzees are very smart, they have evolved to be aware of the effectiveness of attacks on the eyes and hands. By disabling their opponent’s eyes and hands, they can prevent them from delivering a counterattack, thus saving the chimp from suffering the same fate.

In the case of a wild chimp attack, this can be a matter of survival. A Congolese boy who was snatched in 2014, while playing with his cousin and four-year-old brother near his family’s home in the middle of a nature reserve, survived the ordeal but suffered life-changing facial scarring.

Understanding the reasons behind chimps’ behavior can help us to develop training programs and safety guidelines that educate people on how to interact with these animals. By understanding the underlying causes of aggression, we can minimize triggers and reduce the likelihood of an attack occurring. But it is important to remember that chimps are wild animals, and there are no guarantees that any particular approach will be successful in preventing or stopping an attack.


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