Why Do Cats Have Spikes on Their Willy Wavy Penis?

February 15, 2024

The spikes on a cat’s penis are called spines and are actually there to help the cat mate. The spiky bits help grip the female cat during mating and also stimulate her vulva. The stimulation caused by the spines during mating helps ensure that the male cat’s sperm is delivered and does not get lost.

As a general rule, cats will only use their sex organs when they are attempting to mate with another cat. This is a result of their natural instincts and the fact that they are loners by nature. Cats, like all mammals, start out as female embryos but if they have the right gene and normal sensitivity to androgens, they will be tweaked to become male instead of female. That is why male cats don’t have nipples, but they do have their spiky penises.

When a male cat engages with a female for sex, the spines on his penis cause her to ovulate, so that her body is prepared to receive and ingest the sperm. This seems a bit cruel but it helps prevent the female from running away before the mating process is completed.

If a cat’s spines are very prominent or too long, it can lead to complications during mating and breeding. In such cases, it can be difficult for the cat to breed naturally and they may require veterinary assistance or artificial insemination.


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