Why Do Casinos Have to Be on Water?

June 1, 2023

When people think of casinos, they usually picture a large building with slot machines, tables and free drinks. However, it’s not uncommon for them to forget that casinos aren’t just land-based – they also operate on water. This isn’t a new trend, but something that has been around for decades. The reason why is pretty simple – some states have laws that kick against gambling establishments on land, but they still allow casino games to be played on the water. This allows these casinos to avoid the law without having to amend the constitution.

When casino gambling first started to become popular, many states frowned upon it and banned it on land. To circumvent this, some state operators decided to build casinos on the water to limit their social impact. This also allowed them to generate revenue for the government of their jurisdiction.

This is why we see so many casinos on rivers and other water bodies today. While they may have evolved a little over the years, they are not so different from what you find in a regular racino or tribal casino. The only difference is that they are floating on the water, making them more like a cruise ship than an actual casino.

As for why these casinos are fashioned into riverboats, well, that’s just a matter of tradition. While this isn’t a requirement, it does give the casinos a unique feel that makes them more attractive to gamblers. The fact that they are docked instead of moving down the waterways also helps in this regard.


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