Why Do Baboons Have Red Buttocks?

February 15, 2024

Have you ever wondered, “Why Do Baboons Have Red Buttocks?” Like many monkey species, baboons have red bottoms as a signal of fertility. The red color indicates that a female is in her fertile period, and it attracts males to the mating process.

During this time, the tissue in a baboon’s buttocks becomes swollen with blood, water, and other bodily fluids. The swollen tissue is known as sexual swelling, and it typically lasts for about ten to 20 days. As a result, the buttocks become flushed with red and enlarged in appearance.

The reason for this red color is due to the fact that a baboon’s buttocks are connected to her pelvic bones through a pair of rough patches of skin called ischial callosities. This is why the swollen buttocks appear red, since the fluid from the sexual swelling causes the callosities to enlarge.

A red and swollen baboon bottom is not only an indication of fertility but also signals to other members of her troop that she’s ready to mate. This helps to increase her social status in the group, and it allows her to enjoy special benefits such as eating first.

In addition to attracting other males to the mating process, red-bottomed baboons may also be used as a defense mechanism against predators. The bright red color may scare off predators and warn other animals to stay away. However, it’s important to note that a baboon’s red bottom only occurs during her fertile period.


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