Why Are Men Better at Video Games?

February 14, 2024

Men are better at video games because of their hand eye coordination and faster reaction times. They are also naturally more aggressive and driven by the competitive urge. This is why you will see more men playing eSports than women.

But the reason is more complex than gender stereotypes alone, says University of Amsterdam (UvA) research. The team of scientists wanted to find out if the general stereotypes about men and women in video game play are true, or whether they simply reflect the way the brain is wired for different activities.

To do this, they designed a simple computer game in which players had to click on the red dot as it moved towards a wall of blue space. When the researchers monitored their subjects' progress, they found that men were more successful than women, and their brains showed greater activity in the mesocorticolimbic region, which is associated with reward and addiction.

However, the same area in the brain is activated when people watch a film or TV show, so it's not clear why men were more motivated to succeed in the video game than women. Furthermore, the study only looked at a small sample of 22 people, so it's impossible to say whether these results are valid across a wider population.

But the scientists do think that these findings support the theory that males have neural circuitry that makes them more liable than females to feel rewarded by computer games with a territorial aspect, and that this may explain why they are more likely to get hooked on them. They plan to conduct further research into the topic.


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