Why Are Humans So Weird?

February 14, 2024

There are a lot of reasons that humans may seem strange to others. Some of them are due to unique interests or behaviors that don’t align with the norm. Other times, people think someone is weird because they have trouble verbalizing their emotions or ideas. This can be a challenge for anyone, and some people struggle more than others to find ways to express themselves.

Many humans are obsessed with trying to blend in. Unlike other animals, they feel the need to cover themselves in clothing and other accessories. Even their hairstyles and body language can be perceived as strange. Fortunately, there are some individuals that are comfortable with being a little “weird” and aren’t bothered by what other people think. These are the folks you can call friends. They’re fun to be around because they add a unique perspective to conversations and activities.

Another reason why some humans may be seen as weird is because they often have a lot of non-typical knowledge and experiences that they want to share with other people. They may have a lot of different, random thoughts running through their head at all times. This is called cognitive disinhibition. It’s useful for a lot of things, but it can limit creativity.

Humans are a strange species, but they also have so much potential. Unfortunately, their short-sighted avarice and hostility toward one another and other life forms can stifle this potential. It’s a wonder that they manage to achieve some of the things they do.


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