Why Are Guys So Clueless?

February 15, 2024

We’ve all heard the stereotype: the clueless male who doesn’t understand a woman’s feelings or intentions. This type of character is a regular feature in shonen and shojo manga, often portrayed as naive and innocent (although they may also have Pervert tendencies). So are men actually that clueless, or is it just a stereotype?

A new study has found that college guys aren’t very good at reading non-verbal cues, especially those from women. They often misinterpret friendly gestures as sexual come-ons. Even so-called friendly cues like a subtle smile, researchers found that men can sometimes interpret as a sexual come on — because they’re looking through sex-colored glasses.

It’s not surprising that young men have trouble interpreting these non-verbal cues. Most people are not born with the ability to read others’ emotions or intentions — it’s something that must be learned through practice and experience. And it’s not that men don’t try — they do. They’re just unable to decode these signals because they don’t have the experience to do so.

Men are used to their moms, dads, teachers, and society as a whole spoon-feeding them information about the world around them. So when they start getting into romantic relationships, they’re surprised to find that they have to actually think for themselves and figure things out — which can be very scary for them. But it’s a necessary step to growing into adulthood. It’s just a shame that some guys haven’t developed this skill yet.


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