Who is Chance Dutton?

June 1, 2023

A big part of the world on Paramount Network’s hit series Yellowstone centers around the Dutton family and their fight to keep their Montana ranch. The Duttons have a long history in the area and will protect their land, generation after generation, even if it means sacrificing their own lives to do so. As a result, it is a common practice for the Duttons to be buried on their land after they die. This includes their ancestors, like Elsa who is buried in the show’s first episode. During her funeral, fans get a look at two gravestones that show the names of Ned and Chance Dutton. But who are these people and how are they connected to John Dutton?

The first clue that these two were ancestors of John comes from the date on their headstone. It reads March 16, 1863. This makes it likely that Ned Dutton died during the Civil War. Since the show takes place in 1883, this would mean that he died before the Duttons arrived in Yellowstone. It also means that he was either a younger brother of James Dutton or related to him in some way. Taste of Country has a great article on this that explains it all.

The other clue is that a woman named Patience Dutton is buried on the property. This woman has not been introduced in the series yet, but it is possible that she is either a relative of Jack or Spencer Dutton. The name is a bit of a red herring because the date on the stone is a few years after 1923, which was when the show picks up again.


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