Who Has the Longest Arms in the World?

February 14, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Don't tell Popeye, it turns out you don't need a lot of spinach to have the world's longest arms. A Massachusetts bodybuilder named Moustafa Ismail claims he consumes seven pounds of protein, nine pounds of carbs and three gallons of water each day to help him maintain arms that measure 31 inches around -- big enough to wrap around a small man's waist. Skeptics say he must be using steroids or some other artificial means to achieve his bulging biceps and triceps. Guinness World Records has waffled on whether to recognize him.

Despite his enormous arms, Ismail says he's all natural and has never used steroids or hormones. He started his muscle-building journey in his home country of Egypt before moving to the United States and settling in Franklin, southwest of Boston. To help pay for his gym membership and a diet of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, vegetables and rice, Ismail held down two jobs as a gas station attendant.

The largest feet and hands on a living person belong to siblings Huda Shehata, who have a combined height of 13 feet 7 inches. The teenager says she first realised her legs were longer than average when she was unable to find a pair of leggings that fit. She now hopes to break other world records, such as the 'largest feet on a woman (female) and the widest arms on a living person.

In the NFL, the holder of the longest arms by position is defensive end Jon Harris. The Philadelphia Eagles lineman stands 6'7" and has an impressive 38.5-inch arm length, which is long enough to reach his knees without bending down.


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