Who Conquered the Kingdom of the Vandals and Alans in the Vandalic War?

February 14, 2024

In our article on who conquered the kingdom of the vandals and alans in the vandalic war we’ll take a look at the Vandal Kingdom which began its rise with the migration of some Germanic tribes from Northern Europe to North Africa led by King Gaiseric. The Vandals had a lot going for them: they were a highly mobile force which could move from one river valley to the next. Their land was rich in both oil and wheat and they were a well-educated and urbanized people.

Gaiseric saw the value of the wealth of North Africa which was a breadbasket for the Roman Empire at that time producing grain, olives, wine and dates. It was also a rich province in terms of marble which was used throughout the empire. Gaiseric was able to entice his people to leave behind their homelands in exchange for the riches of North Africa.

He was able to do this because of his personal power and influence which he gained through marriages. His own family was influential and he was able to persuade his people to give up their tribal aristocracy in favor of the status he gave them through his patronage.

When he died in 478 CE it was his son Hilderic who took the throne. Hilderic was an Arians and the religion of his mother which made him unpopular with Catholic Christians in the kingdom. This caused him to spend a lot of time and effort on persecution of Catholics in his realm. It is said that he even imprisoned a number of bishops in this endeavor.


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