Where Waldo Dog Costume

April 8, 2023

Nothing's cuter than a pet costume and this Where Waldo Dog Costume will turn your four-legged friend into a fun fright night accessory! Fits small pets 10"-12" long from neck to tail.

Wally Books

The Where's Wally series of children's books was first published in 1987 and was adapted for international markets. It became extremely popular in the UK and the US and spawned other media, including a TV series and video games. The books are similar to those of other puzzle series, displaying detailed double-page spread illustrations depicting people doing a variety of amusing things at a particular location. The aim of the book is to find a character named Wally hidden in each scene.

Wally Books

The first of the main series of books was published in hard-cover and paperback format, containing around a dozen scenes in which Wally is hidden. In 1997, the special "Tenth Anniversary Editions" of the first four books were released with a distinct silver border on their front covers and later-introduced characters and objects to look for in every scene.

Other Books

The series has been adapted for other media, including a TV series and a comic strip. The characters and objects from the books have also been featured in other media, such as posters.


Wizard Whitebeard has called on Waldo to once again help him stop Odlaw in the Land of Woofs. As a result, Waldo must disguise himself as a dog to make it to the Land of Woofs in time.


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