Where to Watch Balto

June 1, 2023

Where To Watch Balto

This animated film is based on the true story of the heroic sled dog who helped save children infected with diphtheria in 1925. The movie was directed by Simon Wells and features live action sequences directed by Phil Nibbelink. The film is rated G and is a great family movie. The animation is excellent and the characters are lovable.

It is available to rent or buy on several different platforms including Apple TV, Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, YouTube and Cineplex. It is also available to stream on Disney Plus. Disney Plus offers a subscription service which includes many popular movies and television shows. Some of these include Star Wars, The Lion King, Anastasia and Brother Bear.

In addition to the usual sled dogs, the film features two polar bears named Muk and Luk who are Boris’ adoptive nephews. The film also has a subplot in which the she-goose Stella falls in love with Boris despite the fact that she cannot fly.

The movie has an excellent message about the importance of teamwork. It is also about the value of friendship and compassion. The characters are well-developed and the voice acting is excellent. The animation is better than the first movie but it could be a bit better.

The plot is a little weak and the film isn’t as good as some of the other animated Disney films but it still is an enjoyable family movie. It is recommended for ages 8 and up. This movie contains some mild animated violence and some scenes of fighting between animals. It is also a little bit of a sappy love story which may make some adults uneasy.


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