Where To Get Styrofoam Beads?

April 8, 2023

Where To Get Styrofoam Beads?

These polystyrene foam spheres are perfect for art, craft, school and floral projects. They are ideal for party decorations, floral bouquets and vases and are an excellent base for slime making. You can embellish these styrofoam balls with ribbon, lace or velour paper. You can also paint them with acrylic paints and spray them with glitter to make a variety of different flowers, shapes and designs.

White Craft Foam Beads (2-4mm)

These are fully expanded smooth foam beads that are less flaky than styrofoam balls and are very light and buoyant. These are a great addition to your slime making supplies as they add fun texture and help to create shapes in your ooey gooey slime. You can use these in your slime for added crunch or mix them into your glue and water mixture before adding your slime activator. These foam beads are uncoated and are made from pure polystyrene. They are safe for children. We ship these products in bulk to ensure you get your order at the best possible price!


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