Where to Find Stray Kittens?

April 8, 2023

When you see a kitten that looks like it doesn’t have a home, it can be hard to resist. After all, kittens are adorable and helpless.

Do-gooders find stray cats and take them to shelters in hopes of finding them homes. But the practice can cause a strain on shelters and rescue centers, said Cats Protection Society volunteer Rachel Stone.

The best way to help a stray cat is to spay and neuter your own pets. This will reduce the number of stray cats and decrease their mortality rates.

If you don’t have the space or resources to spay and neuter your pets, consider fostering them. This is a great way to give a kitten a loving home while also helping them socialize until they’re ready for adoption.

DONOTS: Do not approach the kittens or disturb them if you find them alone and/or the mother isn’t around (as moms often leave their babies when they want to eat, move them to a new location, or breed). You can put out food for the mother, a box she could use to keep her kittens in, and sprinkle flour or baby powder near her nest to see if her paw prints are there.

A warm, clean, plump and quiet litter is an indication that the kittens have recently been groomed and fed and are therefore comfortable and not hungry. If the kittens are still wailing or need to be comforted, they are probably sick and will need to be taken to the vet.


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