Where to Find Clay in Astroneer

April 8, 2023

Clay in Astroneer is a resource that can be found in a few locations throughout the game. The most obvious place to look for clay is within the clusters of reddish-brown pyramid-shaped nodes on every planet in the game. These nodes can be destroyed with the Terrain Tool, and players can collect the clay they produce.

Alternatively, Clay can be processed in the Soil Centrifuge. The blueprint for this piece of equipment can be unlocked at the medium printer for 750 bytes, and it allows players to process two full soil canisters in order to produce six pieces of Clay.

Another way to obtain Clay is by trading scrap for it at the Trade Platform. This module is crafted from the medium printer and outputs two Clay for every Scrap that is inserted into it. This is the most efficient and easy to use method for obtaining Clay, but it is only recommended if the player has Scrap available.

The closest planet to Astroneer’s star is Atrox, a radiated world with a hazy fog that masks open Clay and Laterite reserves spread across its surface. It also provides ample opportunities to gather research Bytes and trade for Scrap.

All seven planets in Astroneer offer a variety of resources that can be combined to create new, more advanced technologies. As such, it is important to understand all of the different types of materials that can be used in the game and how they are crafted. Each of these resources is unique and can be found in a different manner on each planet, which is why players may need to explore the entire solar system in order to find them.


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