Where to Find Black Ants Grounded in Grounded

April 8, 2023

Where To Find Black Ants Grounded?

The survival game Grounded is a first-person and third-person action-packed experience. Players are shrunk down to ant size and in danger from enormous bugs and insects.

There are many different biomes and locations in Grounded where you can find Black Ants. These include the Sandbox, Trash Heap gate, and Black Ant Hill.

Getting to The Sandbox

One of the most dangerous areas in Grounded is the Sandbox, which can be found to the lower west of the Backyard. It is extremely difficult to get through this area due to the numerous hostile creatures, debuffs, and the Sizzle effect.

Thankfully, you can use Quesadillantion to protect yourself from these debuffs and the Sizzle effect while exploring the sandbox. However, getting into this area in the sun is still risky, so you can also try going through the sandbox gate during nighttime to avoid the sun and its debuffs.

Another great way to get to the Black Ant Hill is by using the Trash Heap gate, which can be found in the south-west part of the Backyard. You will need a Gas Mask in order to enter this area as the Trash Heap is filled with rotten meat and food items that emit noxious gas, which will harm you.


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