Where to Find Archaic Stones in World of Warcraft - The Chasm

April 8, 2023

There are a total of 9 Archaic Stones in the new 2.6 update area The Chasm. You can use them to complete the world quest Says He Who Seeks Stone, which is given by an NPC called Muning.

First, head to The Chasm’s first Teleport Waypoint near Glaze Peak and Qingxu Pool. Then, speak to Muning and start the world quest.

Then, collect all nine Archaic Stones in The Chasm. Once gamers have all nine, they can give these to Muning for rewards.

Here is a list of all the Archaic Stones in The Chasm:

Pin 1: There’s an Archaic Stone on a cliff south of The Chasm Statue of The Seven and north of the waypoint teleporter for The Chasm’s Maw. It’s guarded by two Geo Slimes and a Blazing Axe Mitachurl, but there are jumping platforms to help players get on top faster.

Second: There’s an Archaic Stone nestled between two boulders to the west of Glaze Peak. Then, there’s another Archaic Stone on a jagged cliff southeast of Cinnabar Cliff, with an encampment of Hilichurls around it.

Third: There’s an Archaic Stone high up on the edge of a cliff above The Chasm camp, which you can easily reach by climbing the cliff’s edge from the entrance. This one is also guarded by a Stone Lawachurl, so be careful.

Fourth: There’s an Archaic Stone spawning on a high cliff in the northeastern area of Fuao Vale, which you can access by using Spoutrocks to climb up. It’s located in proximity to a Hilichurl camp and Qingxin flowers.


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