Where to Discharge Water Softener Backwash

April 7, 2023

What Is Backwash?

Water softener backwash has a high concentration of salt, which can be harmful to the environment. It needs to be discharged in a proper way. It can be disposed of into a septic tank, dry well, or local sewage system.

How Often Do I Need To Discharge The Water Softener Backwash?

How frequently your water softener needs to discharge the backwash varies depending on the hardness and ions present in the water. It typically needs to be done after every two to three days and more frequently if the water usage is higher.

The best way to discharge the backwash is into a dry well. This is a deep hole that features porous walls, which allows the backwash to soak into the ground and release slowly.

Another option is to install a floor drain. This can be a convenient way to discharge the backwash without causing any damage to your basement.

You can also use a sump pump to drain the water softener backwash. This works by triggering the pump to backwash the water to a certain height and then direct it into a preferred type of drainage system.

Alternatively, you can connect the water softener's brine tank to the local sewage system. However, not all municipalities allow this option, so it is important to check your city's regulations before you try to discharge the backwash into the sewage system. It is not recommended to do this if you have children or pets in your home, as the discharged water could cause health issues for them.


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