Where To Buy Urine Specimen Cups Near Me?

April 7, 2023

Where To Buy Urine Specimen Cups Near Me?

Today’s urine collection cups come a long way from the open-container types that used to be common in medical facilities. These items are now made with hardened materials that make leaks and breaks nearly impossible.

Keeping your specimens secure for transport is critical in many cases, whether they’re transported to off-site testing places or used in a home health facility. Some sample cups come with a screw cap, while others feature other methods of securing the specimen during transit.

Boekel Scientific has a wide variety of sterile urine sample containers with writable labels and dual-thread HDPE caps. Available in 90 ml and 120 ml volumes, these cups support safe sample collection and urinalysis.

Tamper Evident Seals

During chain of custody procedures in drug testing, tamper evident seals are applied to specimen containers and vials to help prevent tampering with the tests. The red adhesive seals identify the presence of tampering from the time they’re sealed until they’re opened at the lab.

Single Specimen Collection Kits

Our single specimen collection kits feature a 180 mL beaker style collection cup with a pour spout, plus a tamper-evident flip top transport vial and a transport bag with absorbent material. These kits are available individually bagged or as a box kit.


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