Where To Buy Sodium Percarbonate?

April 8, 2023

Where To Buy Sodium Percarbonate?

Sodium Percarbonate is one of the most useful and versatile chemicals for cleaning products. It is white free flowing granular chemical that provides powerful cleaning, bleaching and stain removal capabilities while being environmentally compatible. It is also color safe and fabric safe. It is used in the formulation of laundry and dishwashing products, and it can be used for many other cleaning applications.

Chemical Distributor

Manufacturer and distributor of bulk chemicals for specialty, commodity and raw material chemical markets. Product offerings include organic and inorganic chemicals in compound form of carbons, chlorine, chlorides, citrates, ethers, ethane, sulfur, nitrates, nitrites, magnesium, oxides, salts and phosphates.

Sourcing services are offered as well. Sodium Percarbonate is available in various grades, lump, granular, powder and micron sized, and is packaged in pails, paper bags and fiber drums. FIBC bulk bags are also available.

Sodium Percarbonate (PC) is produced by the reaction of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, via dry, spray granulation and crystallization processes. The latter process is based on spraying solutions of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide onto seed crystals in a drying chamber.

Hazardous Materials Waiver Form Required

To purchase a 30lb or 50lb container of this chemical, you must submit a hazardous materials waiver form. The waiver forms are good for a year. You can find them here. You must fill out and sign the waiver form before we ship your product to you. We cannot process any orders without this information.


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