Where To Buy Liquid Chlorophyll?

April 8, 2023

Where To Buy Liquid Chlorophyll?

The nutrient chlorophyll – the green pigment that makes plants and algae green – is often taken as a supplement in liquid, powder, or tablet form. This natural plant compound helps convert sunlight into energy and support the immune system. It’s also believed to be a free radical neutralizer, and may help promote detoxification processes.

Chlorophyll is naturally occurring in green vegetables like spirulina, wheatgrass, and chlorella. It’s also found in supplements, where it’s usually mixed with other herbs and greens to enhance the health benefits.

Horbaach’s Liquid Chlorophyll delivers a powerful 50 mg dose of this green plant compound in just two dropperfuls for a healthy, refreshing peppermint-flavored treat. Our mulberry leaf-based formula is vegan and contains no sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Nature’s Sunshine NOW Liquid Chlorophyll Triple Strength

Our mulberry leaf-based formula is triple strength, so you get twice the odor control as our regular liquid. This soluble extract is made from high-grade sodium copper chlorophyllin, which has been studied to support a healthy immune response and the natural detox process.

It may also be used to support healthy blood glucose levels and inflammation. In fact, it is a blood builder that may help increase the count of red blood cells, which helps support oxygen delivery.

It’s best to take a liquid chlorophyll supplement with a healthy diet and a balanced exercise routine. You can find this nutrient in health food stores, online, and at local pharmacies. Most liquid chlorophyll supplements are taken orally in a drink such as water, juice, or smoothie.


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