Where To Buy Ice Blocks?

April 8, 2023

Where To Buy Ice Blocks?

If you’re planning a camping, fishing or sporting event and want to keep your drinks cool, then ice blocks are the perfect way to go. They can be used to make iced tea, coffee or cocktails and are easy to store in your cooler. They’re also a great talking piece for any party or event and can be easily chipped off to make ice cubes.

Bello Mini Ice Blocks

When travelling on business, it’s important to take food that will stay fresh for several hours, without losing its quality. This means ice packs need to be safe, reliable and durable as well as being likely to pass through security without being confiscated.

Bello mini ice blocks are made of hardwearing plastic and they’re reportedly non toxic. Consumers report they’re slim and easy to pack, freeze quickly and keep foods chilled for up to 4 hours.

They’re suitable for use in travel because they take up minimal room and are relatively light in weight compared to comparable mini ice packs/blocks.

These blocks were easy to thaw and kept food chilled for similar times as other ice packs/blocks, which is good news for travelling professionals who want their food to be fresh and safe on the go.

These mini ice blocks are designed to fit in a small lunch bag or cooler and have been found to be appropriate for travel, with a weight per pack of around 125 grams. They took about 3 hours to thaw in an insulated bag and kept food fresh for around 4 hours.


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