Where To Buy Grave Blankets Near Me

April 8, 2023

Where To Buy Grave Blankets Near Me

Whether you’re visiting a cemetery for the first time or just want to add some holiday spirit, bringing in a grave blanket can be an excellent way to celebrate your loved one. Not only will you feel a little more connected to your loved one, but you’ll also be able to decorate your gravesite with something that’s much less likely to blow away in the wind than fresh flowers.

Where To Make Your Own Grave Blanket

If you’d like to try your hand at creating a DIY grave blanket, here are some tips and suggestions. Start by building a four-sided frame from wood with a chicken wire top.

Next, layer the evergreen boughs on top of the chicken wire. Starting with the largest boughs, weave them in and out through the wire until you reach the center (where you should put your smallest evergreen).

You can then add any decorative elements you’d like to the greenery, such as pine cones or baby’s breath. Secure any ribbons or bows with a hot glue gun or floral wire.

Before you start decorating, check with your local cemetery to find out if they allow grave blankets and if there are any rules or restrictions regarding size, how long you can leave them, anchoring techniques and other factors. You’ll also want to know if artificial arrangements are permitted, how they should be stored and disposed of and when you can leave them out for display.


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