Where To Buy Freshwater Salt System Cartridge

April 8, 2023

Where To Buy Freshwater Salt System Cartridge?

The Freshwater Salt System is a patent-pending system that generates chlorine from salt to sanitize your spa water. It takes care of your water so you can spend more time enjoying it and less time worrying about it.

One 3-pack of Freshwater Salt System Titanium Cartridges should last for a year with proper water care*. *Factors such as bather load and water chemistry can affect the life of the cartridge.

Save $48 a year and enjoy FREE shipping when you sign up for Subscribe & Save!

When you subscribe, we will send you a replacement Freshwater Salt System Cartridge every four months when it’s time to replace it. This service helps you stay on top of your maintenance so that you can have the best possible experience with your Hot Spring Spa equipped with the Freshwater Salt System.

What is the difference between bottled chlorine and chlorine generated by the Freshwater Salt System?

Bottled chlorine is a dry form of chlorinated hydrocarbons, while the chlorine generated by the Freshwater Salt System is a liquid, sodium hypochlorite.

What is the system status meter on the control panel telling me?

Red LOW - The salt level is too low or the cartridge has expired. Yellow OK - The system is working properly but needs attention (see the Troubleshooting section on page 7 of the Freshwater Salt System owner’s manual for more information).

What are the benefits of the Freshwater Salt System?


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