Where To Buy Dried Eucalyptus?

April 8, 2023

Where To Buy Dried Eucalyptus

The most obvious answer to this question is a flower shop but we also carry preserved eucalyptus in a variety of colors. These frosted eucalyptus branches are the perfect complement to floral bouquets and vases of all sizes, as well as table centerpieces and pampas grass wreaths for indoor and outdoor applications.

Most florists love eucalyptus for its ability to add height and texture to floral arrangements, but it's a foliage favorite as well. Dried eucalyptus sprigs can be the star of your next bud vase display or added to a mixed bouquet with fresh flowers for an instant upgrade.

Best of all, it's pretty easy to take care of! Like any greenery, dried eucalyptus will benefit from regular watering, a bit of sunlight and a good dusting.

First, choose the most beautiful eucalyptus branch you can find and trim it to your desired length. Then, make a glycerin-based solution (using vegetable glycerin as a solvent and two parts water for every one part glycerin). Once squished and soaked, arrange in a cool, dark spot for about a month or so.

Using a bud vase as a drying vessel might be the most obvious way to preserve your eucalyptus, but you can also dry it in other ways such as by wrapping it with twine or tying it to a tree. This will make it last longer and look much sexier.

Dried eucalyptus is a fun way to bring the outdoors in and will enhance any floral or craft project you decide to try. It's also an excellent gift for a flower lover or anyone in your life who loves nature. The trick is to use it correctly, and you'll be surprised by how long your investment lasts!


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