Where to Buy Battery Acid and How to Use It

April 8, 2023

Battery Acid

Your car needs the right parts, components and systems to work together. Whether it's the fuel system, the starter motor or the battery, each and every component needs to be in top shape for the best possible performance and longevity of your vehicle.

Batteries, especially those with lead acid batteries, rely on battery acid to keep their fluid levels at the proper level for optimum performance and lifespan of your battery. If the electrolyte level drops, the battery won't be able to generate the chemicals necessary to jolt your vehicles electrical systems into action and start your car.

So where can you buy battery acid?

You can get good, strong battery acid at many different places. But the most convenient and reliable place to find it is at your local AutoZone store.

The Battery Acid that we carry at AutoZone is made by the same company that produces batteries for cars and motorcycles, and it comes in a 6 quart box sealed inside of a HDPE (plastic) bag. It's a great product that has an indefinite shelf life, and is designed for sport battery applications.

How To Use It

You need to make sure you have the correct specific gravity at the time of the initial charge. You can do this by testing the acid against a hydrometer or checking the actual specific gravity of the battery.

Once you've poured in the correct specific gravity, you can then hand-tighten the battery caps to lock in the electrolyte. Then you can charge the battery with a low-amperage battery charger.


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