Where is Westlake Village in Southern California?

October 4, 2023

Westlake Village is a popular place to live in Southern California because it offers everything from top-rated restaurants and shops to concert performances and community events. The area has also become a favorite for home decor and design shops, and boutiques that specialize in fashion and accessories. Local wineries and breweries are attracting a growing following.

With a lake at its center, the community straddles the county line between Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Several large companies, including Dole Food Company, have their world headquarters in Westlake Village. Other major employers include Costco and the Four Seasons Resort and Spa.

The city is served by the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, which provides water, wastewater and recycled water services. The area is also home to numerous parks, trails and beaches, including the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Hiking, backpacking and mountain biking opportunities abound, as do horseback riding, picnicking and camping.

Westlake Village is located near the Pacific Coast, and is just a few miles inland from Malibu. The city is surrounded by open space and wildlife corridors that connect it with other undeveloped parts of the Santa Monica Mountains. Visitors and residents are frequently greeted by wild deer, foxes, rabbits, squirrels and other critters.

Schools in the community are part of the Las Virgenes Unified School District, with students zoned to White Oak Elementary School, Lindero Canyon Middle School and Agoura Hills High School. Westlake Village is also served by an off-campus center of California Lutheran University.


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