Where is Norco California?

June 1, 2023

The City of Norco is located 4 miles north of Corona and 8 miles west of Riverside in western Riverside County, California. The City of Norco has a population of about 26,176 people. It is a city with a "small town" atmosphere and is known for its horse-related activities. In addition to its many horse trails, there are several hitching posts and corrals throughout the city. The city has been called Horsetown, USA and has many horse-related associations within the community.

Founded in 1923, it became a city in 1964 and has always maintained its western character. The name Norco comes from the North Corona Land Company, though earlier names such as Citrus Belt and Orchard Heights have been used. Founder Rex Clark originally planned to subdivide the area into chicken farmland leased on eight year leases but when hidden underground mineral springs were discovered, he changed plans and built the posh Norconian Club Resort.

The Norco city limits cover an area of 14 square miles and borders the City of Corona on the south, Mira Loma to the north, and a new booming City of Eastvale to the northeast. The City of Norco is a contract city policed by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, with a dedicated traffic enforcement officer and Special Enforcement Team deputies in addition to a staffed Community Services Officer.

The City of Norco is surrounded by the Santa Ana River watershed, which feeds Lake Norco and the Pacific Ocean. The City has a wide variety of habitats including sage scrub, chaparral shrubland, and riparian woodland. It is also home to a large number of native plants including the Matilija Poppy, Toyon, Chamise, Coast Live Oak and the Giant Wildrye.


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