Where Is Mediterranean Agriculture Practiced?

April 8, 2023

Where Is Mediterranean Agriculture Practiced?

The Mediterranean is one of five major world regions where a climatic-based agricultural system develops. This system includes animal husbandry and multi crops (fruits, vegetables and other crops).

Crop cultivation in this region is mainly rain-fed, although some areas have very high temperatures. This is due to the climate in which these areas are located and the availability of water resources.

A large portion of the land is cultivated to produce cereals, wheat and other grains that provide food for the people in these regions. Other crops that are cultivated in the Mediterranean include citrus fruits, grapes and olives.

The lands are suitable for the cultivation of different kinds of fruits, as they have the right weather conditions and they can be irrigated by the advanced irrigation techniques. In addition, it is a rich populated region with skilled workers that are readily available.

This region has a lot of sunshine and it is very warm throughout the year. It is also a dry area and there is very little snowfall so it is perfect for the farming of different kinds of fruits.

Some studies suggest that the spread of agricultural systems in the western Mediterranean occurred fairly rapidly during the sixth millennium b.c. The rate was estimated by radiocarbon dating to be about 5 kilometers a year, but other researchers propose a much higher figure, possibly as high as 10 kilometers a year.

The spread of agricultural systems in the Mediterranean is a topic that has been the subject of extensive study over the last century. Many scholars believe that the spread of agriculture in this region was caused by a rapid transition from hunter-gathering to settled agriculture. This is an important issue that has shaped our understanding of human economic and social behavior and the spread of technology and civilization.


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