Where is Crawfordville Florida?

October 4, 2023

Getting around in Crawfordville Florida is easy. Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or moving to this small town, you can easily explore nearby towns and cities with our interactive map tool. Simply select your starting point, the destination, and choose what kind of information you’d like to see. You’ll get a list of big cities if you need to book a flight or a small selection of surrounding towns if you’re planning on a road trip.

Crawfordville is a thriving rural community south of Tallahassee in Wakulla County. It’s ideal for buyers seeking a country lifestyle, large acreage tracts of land, and close proximity to Gulf Coast communities.

The town’s center features a small shopping district with a Dollar General, Subway, CVS, and other chain stores. The city also has several local restaurants and a few unique gift and antique shops. In addition, Crawfordville has what so many places have lost: the “small town” merchant.

The Pelican Place, for example, is located in an old Florida Cracker house and serves as a folk, fine, and fun art gallery & emporium. It sells everything from rocking horses to beach decorations, all made locally by folks who take pride in their craft. The town also offers a number of parks, including Azalea Park, which is home to a colorful lion statue near the gazebo that residents paint each month to entertain visitors. The park is also the site of many Wakulla County parades and events.


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