Where in California Does it Snow?

June 1, 2023

While much of California has a Mediterranean climate, meaning that it’s warm and dry during the summer and mildly cool in the winter, there are still some areas in which snow falls, especially at higher elevations in the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges and around Lake Tahoe.

The majority of snowfall in California occurs during the winter months from November to February. This is due to the cold air and higher elevation of these regions causing rainfall to freeze and eventually turn into snow.

This snowfall makes it possible for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy a wonderful powdery terrain. There are several different ski areas in the Sierra Nevada and also the mountains near to Yosemite that offer great skiing opportunities during this time.

Another area that sees a lot of snow during the winter is Klamath National Forest, which offers an opportunity to try something new and exciting called skijoring. This involves a horse and rider pulling a skier by a rope.

In addition to the amazing winter activities that can be enjoyed in these areas, you’ll also find snow-covered trails for hiking and horseback riding. Sequoia National Park also has its fair share of snow and visitors can experience some of the largest trees in the world under a beautiful layer of white. This makes it one of the best places for a winter getaway to see snow in California.


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