Where Does It Snow in Africa?

June 1, 2023

One of the most diverse regions of the world, Africa is known for its amazing jungles and wildlife like lions and elephants. However, the continent isn’t all about the wild life, it is also home to some amazing and unique climates and sub-climates. While large parts of Africa never experience snow due to its location, straddling the equator and warm weather all year round, there are certain areas where it does snow quite regularly.

The main question is, where does it snow in africa? The answer is that the mountainous regions of the continent get regular snowfall. The peaks of Mount Kilimajaro and certain ranges like the Atlas Mountains of Morocco are covered in snow all year. It is also common to see snow in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa and other high altitude places like Lesotho.

Snow is usually a feature of the winter season in these areas but can also occur at other times depending on the conditions. While the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro receive snow at any time of the year, it is most common during the winter months in November and December.

It is also possible to find snow in other African countries but this is rarer. For example, the town of Ain Sefra in the Sahara desert of Algeria had a heavy snowfall in February 1979. And the residents of Cairo in Egypt were surprised to witness the city’s first snowfall in 2013. This was also a rare event.


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