Where Do Wrens Sleep at Night?

November 7, 2023

Wrens are diurnal birds, so they need a safe place to sleep and roost at night. They are extremely sensitive to cold weather and prefer a dark and hidden spot. They also like to sleep with their heads up, fluffing their feathers to create a barrier against the cold air. This helps them save energy and stay warm at night.

When a wren finds the right roosting spot, it will return to that location every night. However, if it spots another potential roosting spot that is closer to its territory or food source, it will choose that one instead. Moreover, if it finds a roosting spot that is too cold or dark, it will leave and find another one to sleep in.

Carolina wrens like to nest in tree cavities, birdhouses, and other structures. However, they are also known to nest in rock crevices and dense underbrush. They have a wide array of harsh, scolding calls that they use to warn predators and other predatory birds away from their nests.

Wrens also love to roost in different locations at night. Some roost in the crooks and hollows of trees, while others prefer sheltered corners of porches or barns, old abandoned cars, mailboxes, and even the nests of other birds, squirrels, or hornets.

During the winter, Carolina wrens have difficulty finding a warm place to sleep at night. This is because they belong to a primarily tropical genus and have limited ability to deal with the cold. Fortunately, homeowners can help them by offering them suitable roosting spots in their backyards.


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