Where Do Wolverines Sleep?

November 27, 2023

Wolverines are solitary animals, needing huge areas of territory to roam during the day and hunt at night. They live in colder regions such as grasslands, taiga and alpine forests of Europe, Asia and northern Canada and Alaska. Wolverines make dens out of snow for sleeping, storing food and protecting themselves from predators.

They dig tunnels into the snowbanks, reusing them over time, and they add boulders and rocks to the dens for stability. They often store meat and other foods inside the tunnels for later use. They also use the snow as a refrigerator to keep their food fresh and protected from the elements.

These solitary hunters are very strong, cunning, and fearless. They have sharp claws and can kill a bear. Wolverines are also known to steal from hunting lodges, carrying off guns, knives, blankets, cooking utensils and other items.

The mating season for males occurs from May to August. Females delay their pregnancy until winter and give birth in a snowbank or cave. A wolverine can carry two to three kits at a time, but the mother manages most of the care.

Wolverines are not considered endangered but their population has dipped in the last few years due to habitat loss, disease and other factors. It takes a male wolverine about two years to reach sexual maturity and a female about 15 months. They have a low reproduction rate, usually only reproducing every other year. They can live in the wild for seven to 13 years.


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