Where Do Wildcats Sleep?

November 30, 2023

A wildcat’s hunt can take up to 40 hunting trips a day and it requires a lot of energy. Afterwards, the cat needs rest to replenish its energy. It is also a necessity to ensure survival. Therefore, the cat seeks a safe place in its territory to sleep and rotates the spot to help keep parasite levels low.

Most cats will look for a quiet spot far away from drafty areas and where it is not likely to be disturbed by other animals or humans. They will also try to find a soft and warm spot for sleeping. Cats that are kept as pets will often try to mimic their owners when choosing a sleeping spot, but this can be difficult since felines are crepuscular and tend to hunt at dusk and dawn.

The area where a wildcat sleeps will depend on how it ended up outdoors. A stray or feral will try to return to its home or a familiar spot such as a cardboard box or the engine of a car. They will also try to locate food sources near the area.

Wildcats that live in forest regions usually have a dedicated area to sleep outdoors at night. They are accustomed to this place, it is well-hidden from predators and their own household members, and it is close to the water source and prey. A bobcat, for example, marks its territory with urine and it is usually around six miles long. It can be a bush, a tree, a hole in the ground, or even a rock crevice.


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